Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Due 7/22/2010

5 Aspects of Laken's story "Seperate Kingdoms"-Visual Strategies
1. The entire essay is written in two columns (right and left side of page)
2. Page 6, right side of the page the words "Guh Duh" are repeated over and over again
3. Page 10, right side of the column the word "squaaaaaaawk!" shows an emphasis of the situation the word is describing
4. Page 11, the beginning of the page Laken breaks the right and left columns and continues a sentence across the entire page
5. Page 12, top of the right column the word "Shamalamadindon. Shamaoomama" seems to show an emphasis of the situation the word is describing

Laken's purpose for writing the story seems to be trying to get the family back together. I think she wants the readers to consider family interactions and how at times we are unaware of how our actions impact other individuals. During the story the family came together after the dad's injury because they started talking and disucssing their issues. After bringing their issues and concerns up as a family the dad began to change his behavior and be more interested in the family then in Animal Planet.

The visual choices I identified in light of my current understanding of Laken's purpose is perhaps her way of over emphasizing some portions of the text that she believes the reader needs to pay more attention to. As the information in Drucker's essay seemed to point out the importance and reasoning for different writing procedures is to draw the reader's attention to certain portions of the readings.

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