Tuesday, June 29, 2010

About ME

My names Deonte Roberts, I'm 23 years old. I've never blogged before so this might take me a little while to get use to. I play basketball for UWM mens team. My families from St. Paul Minnesota, I have 4 siblings: Ardejon 17, Adrian 20, Uwanna 12, Deontea 3. Back home I have 1 dog named Gato and 1 cat named Izzy. I enjoy cooking, eating and sleeping.


  1. Hi Deonte,

    I have never blogged before either. It is really cool you play basketball for UWM. What do you like to cook?


  2. Hi Denote!

    you have many siblings, great!
    nice to meet you :)

  3. Hi Deonte,
    It was nice to see you again im glad to see that your in class and working hard. I didnt know you had so many siblings and I also wanted to know what you favorite food was because you said you like to cook alot so i was just wondering

  4. Hey Deonte,

    Nice to meet you, hows it being away from home?

  5. Hi Deonte,

    I tried commenting on this once before but I don't think it worked, so I'll try again! That's cool that you're from St. Paul-- I went to school in St. Paul for a semester at St. Thomas. Also, my brother and his wife live in St. Paul, so I visit the cities a lot. Also I think that it's funny that the name of your dog is gato (the spanish name for cat). I'm sure you miss St. Paul sometimes, I know I do!